Addicted Bystander?

The limbo you find yourself in when your loved one is an addict and you are stuck addicted to their addiction...


Hey! Glad you stopped by! Just a mom here venting about this journey I'm on with my addict daughter. Hoping others find solace in knowing that they are not alone. I really do feel like an Addicted Bystander. The journey is hers, but the wake of her decisions and choices affects everyone around her. I have stories upon stories to share from the last five years. From weed to heroin and everything in between, I have seen its effects. She's lost friends to both the grave and fried brains... but still she persists on this path. She has a way out, a lifeline, but she refuses to grab on. That's the most frustrating aspect I think. 

But, sadly, it's true... If they aren't ready for help, they won't accept it, even if it has pretty packaging and a neat bow.

 So, sit back, read my story as it unravels and share some of yours if you'd like. There are no judgments here. I'm not a bad mom.  I have my moments where I question that but, ultimately, I really just have one kid out of five who made a long list of really bad decisions. I still feel guilty as I standby and watch the self-destruction. I think that is human nature.   

I look forward to hearing from you.

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